Here at OSHAdvice, LLC, we are dedicated to ensuring you have the highest quality of safety and health provided to you and your employees.

As the owner of OSHAdvice, LLC, I was the Lead Compliance Safety and Health Officer of Nevada OSHA for 3 years. Once NVOSHA increased their citation amount from $7,000 per citation, to $13,653 per citation, I knew it was my time to stand up and really help employers avoid these extreme citation amounts. Due to this, I resigned and determined that I would be more beneficial to employers in a consultant role.

Employers need someone like me fighting in their corner.

Pre-Construction Consultation
Inventory Checking
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Construction Consultation

Making sure yours site is in "tip top" shape pertaining to safety and health standards. Identifying and abating construction site hazards will ensure you keep your employees working in a safe environment. Our exceptional training programs will help keep your employees making the right decisions while working in a dangerous environment. Your greatest assets are your employees, let us help you protect them.

General Industry Consultation

From hospitals to warehouses, we provide optimal safety and health protection. Depending on your industry, there may be regulations or standards you are simply unaware of. We will identify the areas you need to focus on, and then help you achieve 100% compliance. This helps not only keep your employees safe, but it prevents you from one of OSHA's $13,653 citations.

OSHA Representation

Uh oh!!! Is OSHA on site? Have they contacted you via email or letter? Have no fear, we help with that too! Before you go any further with OSHA, or their inspectors, it may be best to let us help you. You as the employer have rights that protect you during an inspection. We ensure that you are made aware of these rights and all of the options available to you. Call us now to see what services we can provide to help you during this unnecessarily stressful time.